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Cha boi (me) in Europe

I have tremendous news: 

Cha boi (me), is going to see cha boi (Christian Pulisic) play in a champions league game between Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspurs on November 21st, in Dortmund. 

Maybe you didn’t know this, but cha boi (me) is now in Europe. Cha boi went to Copenhagen, smoked a bunch of cigs and drank a bunch of beers and spent a bunch of money, before going to Berlin and getting his head straight. Now cha boi has his head on right straight, and is going to Prague and then Karlovy Vary and then back into Germany for the game. Cha boi has a bit of time to kill. 

I know I whine about this pretty much every post, but I’m a little worried cha boi (back to Christian Pulisic now) won’t start in the CL match against Tottenham. Cha boi will almost DEFINITELY start against Stuttgart this Friday, and we all know cha Bosz likes to rotate his wingers. Does cha Bosz go to sleep every night dreaming about rotating wingers? About squandering talent? About mono (uni?) dextrous Ukrainians? I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, it’s been a little while since we’ve seen cha other boi (Maximilian Philipp), and cha other boi can be pretty damn dangerous on the left wing. So maybe cha other boi will start in cha boi’s place in that game. Cha lame. 

The reason I haven’t been blogging about cha boi lately is pretty obvious: Dortmund are on the international break and cha boi got spared the trip to Portugal to give cha other boiz a chance. Basically the coach probably thought: Wait, cha douche (Cristiano Ronaldo) isn’t even playing? Then shit, cha boi can stay at home. 

More particulars about the game I’m going to, which, let’s be real, I’m pretty fucking stoked about. My ticket cost 40 euros. I’m going to be not in the Golden Wall but RIGHT NEXT to it. Like, within several meters. I’m obviously going to go to Signal Iduna Park before the doors even open and try to do the whole experience, i.e. beers and brats and wearing a scarf and saying “Ach du scheisse.” Though the beer thing is a bit of dilemma. On the one hand I wanna be boisterous for cha boi, on the other hand I kinda wanna be sober. And actually sometimes I’m more boisterous sober. But also really? No beer and brats before chillin’ with cha yellow wall?


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