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Pulisic's Form in 2018, Performance Against Hannover 96

Christian Pulisic played OK against Hannover. Not great. And actually maybe a little bit above OK. Because did you see that nutmeg pass he did? I did too. And I shivered slightly when he did it, such was emotion that overcame me. (I'm trying to find a video of it on Twitter and apparently it doesn't exist. I could possibly do it myself but that would require watching the entire game over again, which I don't want to do).

Dortmund don't play again until March 31st against Bayern Munich, and it will be interesting to see if Pulisic starts. Last time Dortmund played Bayern Munich Pulisic was the best player on the field and did something to Arjan Robben from which I imagine Robben's still recovering emotionally.
Marc Bartra's golazo against Bayern Munich has been named Bundesliga's goal of the month for November.
What a strike it was!!! 👏👏👏 — BVB Buzz (@BVBBuzz) December 8, 2017
It's not that I have anything against Arja…

Christian Pulisic Misses Salzburg Match with Non-Terminal Illness

Dortmund rolled into Salzburg today to compete for a spot in the Europa League Round of 8 conspicuously absent one key player.
Looks like Pulisic has flu and Toprak is out with a muscle problem #BVB#FCSBVB — BVB Buzz (@BVBBuzz) March 15, 2018 Christian Pulisic apparently has the flu, which I don't believe, since I don't believe Christian Pulisic gets sick. I mean, Michael Jordan played through the flu before, and I'm not comparing CP to Michael Jordan, but the kid can dunk.  Pulisic: People doubt me, but I can dunk!!? — Dave Masters (@davemasters) January 11, 2018 (I dunked once in warm-ups before a rec league basketball game in high school. It was the only time I ever dunked in my illustrious basketball career. Most of the other times I stuck to left-handed layups.)

Dortmund played the opposite of good today, which, unless my English fails me, is bad. If I h…