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Frankfurt vs. Borussia Dortmund: A clash of (sort of) titans

Getting ready for the Frankfurt match tomorrow by looking at the various Twitter accounts of various BVB players. Who are my favorite players, you might ask? Well #1 would probably be this kid from Pennsylvania who's, like, kinda good and, like, kinda dribbles past people.  Number two would probably be Julian Weigle because he's handsome and smooth and usually makes passes with the precision of a hand surgeon (though maybe not the hand surgeon who operated on my wrist since he actually broke the bone more). I like Bürki mostly because he's passionate and seems like a cool guy and reminds me of my friend Ross Mckinstry from high school. I kind of like Sahin because, again, he seems cool. Not because he's that great, but because he seems cool. And I would like Toprak if he was a better defender, i.e. faster, because he's also a cool guy. In fact the only one I'm not sure of is Götze, because he seems a liiiiiiiiiitle full of himself.

But anyway. The game tomorrow. Or rather the game last night. Last night I went to the UW Stanford game and it was raining and I got there in the 60th minute which was great because the last half hour was insane. The keeper got a red card. UW was pressing hard and had various chances to tie it up. The UW coach got a yellow card, which made me so happy because the coach should be passionate enough to get yellow cards. Bruce Arena should've gotten red cards fuming about all the shit that happened in CONCACAF. But no, he just stood there being fat.

Ok Jesus sorry back to Pulisic and BVB and the Frankfurt game tomorrow. BVB NEEDS TO WIN. THEY NEED TO PLAY WELL. PULISIC NEEDS TO SCORE. God they played shitty against Apoel. It was such a disgrace.

I've seen two websites now that predict Pulisic to start on the right wing. But I'm sceptical of this since Yarmolenko always starts on the right wing even though he's the slowest player in the Bundesliga. I love Yarmolenko! But he's old and slow. He makes some dreamy passes but he does not get to balls well and and is overall much less effective that Pulisic. I mean real talk: would your rather have someone that can make passes and score goals? Or would you rather have someone who can make passes and score goals and who's fast as fuck and can track back and beat six defenders? I mean, come on. Yes, Pulisic does not speak Russian and that's a point against him, but Yarmolenko doesn't speak German and that's 50 points against him.

Can we all must learn Polish?

Well, less than 24 hours to the game. Get pumped. Eat some soup. Have a Larabar. And get some touches in.  


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